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Alcatraz is a drama series airing on Fox. It was concieved by Steven Lilien, Bryan Wynbrandt and Elizabeth Sarnoff, a former writer of Deadwood and Lost.


When Detective Rebecca Madsen is assigned to a grisly homicide case, a fingerprint leads her to a shocking suspect: Jack Sylvane, a former Alcatraz inmate who died decades ago. With her investigation impeded by government agent Emerson Hauser, Madsen teams up with Alcatraz expert and comic book enthusiast Dr. Diego Soto. They both soon discover that Sylvane is not only alive, but he’s loose on the streets of San Francisco, leaving bodies in his wake, and does not appear to age. With the inclusion of Agent Hauser, they realize that Sylvane is only a small part of a much larger, more sinister present-day threat. For while he may be the first, it quickly becomes clear that Sylvane won’t be the last prisoner to reappear from Alcatraz.

Main Characters
Rebecca Madsen
A police detective with family ties to Alcatraz. Read more…
Diego Soto
An Alcatraz expert and comic book enthusiast. Read more…
Emerson Hauser
An enigmatic government agent. Read more…
Lucy Banerjee
A lab technician working with Emerson Hauser. Read more…
Ray Archer
Rebecca's great-uncle and a former Alcatraz guard. Read more…
Edwin James
An iron-fisted warden in Alcatraz. Read more…
E.B. Tiller
A merciless deputy warden in Alcatraz. Read more…

Alcatraz -- Season 1
#01 "Pilot"#08 "The Ames Bros."
#02 "Ernest Cobb"#09 "Sonny Burnett"
#03 "Kit Nelson"#10 "Clarence Montgomery"
#04 "Cal Sweeney"#11 "Webb Porter"
#05 "Guy Hastings"#12 "Garrett Stillman"
#06 "Paxton Petty"#13 "Tommy Madsen"
#07 "Johnny McKee"

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1x01 Lucy

"Pilot" is the first episode of season 1, and overall the first produced hour of Alcatraz. It originally aired on January 16, 2012, as part of the two-hour series premiere. A murder case leads police detective Rebecca Madsen and Alcatraz expert Diego Soto to discover that Jack Sylvane, a supposedly dead Alcatraz inmate, is still alive and hasn't aged a day. With the help of government agent Emerson Hauser, they soon discover that Sylvane is only a small part of a much larger, more sinister present-day threat. (more...)

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What's the deal with the Batphone? He picks it up and someone's there?

Diego Soto, "Guy Hastings"

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