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Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+ Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+ 10 May 2012

Alcatraz has been cancelled

I am sad to report that Alcatraz has been cancelled. Go to spoiler for more info, hopefully it will be brought back in the future.

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Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+ Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+ 5 April 2012

Possible character episodes for s2

I honestly can see these character centric episodes for season 2

  • Ray Archer
  • Lucy Singupta
  • Dr Beauragard
  • Warden James
  • Transfusion Man
  • Emerson Hauser
  • Harlan Simmons
  • EB Tiller
  • Possibly that ghost escapee

I also see some mysteries being explained, possibly the entire mystery of alcatraz like:

Why dont the prisoners age?

Why did Warden James and Transfusion Man take them?

Are Warden James and Transfusion Man the leaders behind this whole operation or do they work for some other powerful shady force?

What is the ultimate goal of this alcatraz operation?

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Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+ Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+ 3 April 2012

The fate of Rebecca

What do you guys think of the true fate of rebecca? Do you think alcatraz really killed her off or do you think she will come back? My theory is maybe her blood can bring her back, but then you would think it wouldve brought back other relatives that came since Tommy. Unless her parents are really alive and came back from the dead. Maybe when Tommy stabbed her with the knife, it was silver and possibly activated the Madsen blood in her and some lazarus effect and she will come back? Or maybe there is some technology Warden, Transfusion man, Tommy and Harlan all know of that can bring someone back from the dead. Or they might even do some crazy twist and she come back to life after being "dead" or be stuck in a coma and they would use Webb …

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 2 April 2012

Person of Interest Signed Poster Giveaway

Hey Alcatrazpedians!

We have some exciting news/giveaway information for you! Person of Interest Wiki is giving away THREE signed posters of Person of Interest!

The posters are signed by all of the actors and writers of Person of Interest and we wanted to let Alcatrazpedia know because of its Lost connection!

If you're interested in winning a prize, enter here for a chance to win!

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PrimaryColour PrimaryColour 2 April 2012

What happened to Santiago Cabrera's character?

What happened to Santiago Cabrera's character, Jimmy?

I remember reading somewhere that he was going to be a recurring character but the last time I saw him was during the first episode. Which lasted about...20 seconds? I saw him in a lot of promo and such. What happened? Wasn't Jimmy engaged to Rebecca?

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Simoptic Simoptic 22 March 2012

Computer Keyboard


Does anyone know if the backlite desktop keyboard on Alcatraz exists or is it for show only? If so, where can it be bought?

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 13 March 2012

Alcatraz @ WonderCon

Who's going to WonderCon this year? Held in Los Angeles, the sister con to the famous Comic-Con officially kicks off this Friday. In related Alcatraz news, WonderCon is hosting "Alcatraz Special Video Presentation and Q&A" with its core cast members.

Wikia's very own Entertainment Category Manager Eric Moro will be attending WonderCon and some of its awesome panels. What we want to know is if anyone from Alcatraz Wiki will be at WonderCon!

If so, tell us in the comments below and let us know if you'll be going to the panel for Alcatraz, which will offer exclusive inside information and spoilers. We'll be tweeting from @WikiaEnt so follow along with #wondercon and Wikia's own #wikiawondercon!

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Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+ Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+ 13 March 2012

Theory on Tommy

Here is my theory on Tommy and the whole shows overall plot.. I think his blood is the key to immortality, or at least the not aging part See whether he was born immortal(possibly his kind goes back to ancient greek, as Dr. Bearaguard pointed out with his blood) or possibly injected with some formula(possibly as a test subject when he was in that Korean war with Paxton Petty) is irrelevant. But overall I think the keys are to the warden because he has equipment he stored up for his plan. and possibly rooms to inmates because I think he took the inmates and his overall plan was to use tommys blood to prevent them from aging and keeping them healthy and take them away and one day release them into society to take over and cause such a panic,…

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 13 January 2012

Live Chat Party for Alcatraz Premiere 1/16

We're inviting future fans of Alcatraz to Alcatrazpedia's first live chat party!

For fans of J.J Abrams amazing creations such as Lost, Alias, Super 8, Alcatraz is sure to be the most buzzed-about show of 2012.

To celebrate, Wikia is hosting a live chat during the 2-hour premiere of Alcatraz on January 16 from 5-10 PM PST (for both East and West Coast users).

Please join us here on Alcatrazpedia to kick start the 2012 winter season!

To join the live chat, click here!

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ObiDanKenobi5 ObiDanKenobi5 11 January 2012

Alcatraz Goes Viral

The entertainment news website ComingSoon.Net received a metal box, containing several items related to 's mythology:

  • A postcard from Alcatraz Prison by Susie, informing her grandmother of an encounter she had with a man sleeping in one of the cells.
  • Pages 85 and 86 from Diego Soto's Inmates of Alcatraz, depicting the mugshots of Jack Sylvane and Ernest Cobb.
  • An old key with the word "ALCATRAZ" carved on it, a flower, and a pin.
  • A newspaper clipping from March 22, 1963, detailing the sudden close, including a statement from Edwin James.
  • A pamphlet titled "Discover Alcatraz: A Tour of The Rock."
  • A review by Nancy Gleinen of Soto's Inmates of Alcatraz.

In addition, several letters were circled in Gleinen's review, which together spelled "Legends of A…

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ObiDanKenobi5 ObiDanKenobi5 20 December 2011

PROMOte Your Excitement

is here in less than a month, and Fox is bombarding the viewer with intriguing and mysterious promos. In case you are not a promo freak (like myself), and might have missed a promo or two, make your way to the promos video gallery, which updates every time a new promo is released.

Only 28 more days!

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 2 December 2011

Alcatraz Teaser Art

Are you counting down the days until Alcatraz premieres (January 16)? Take a look at the first official promotional art, just released on EW!

A desolate, mysterious island series helmed by J.J. Abrams? Sounds like a winner to me! Who's excited for Alcatraz!?

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ObiDanKenobi5 ObiDanKenobi5 1 December 2011

Series Premiere Gets a Date!

The series premiere finally has a date! Fox announced today their Midseason Schedule, which included the premiere date for the much anticipated new J.J. Abrams series.

Alcatraz will air its two-hour series premiere on Monday, January 16, at 8/9 Central. Starting on January 23, Alcatraz will air after House, at 9/10 Central, which will become its regular time slot. Alcatraz will conclude its first season on March 12, with a two-hour finale. Tim Kring's new sci-fi show, Touch, will start airing on March 19.

Source: Deadline

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ObiDanKenobi5 ObiDanKenobi5 30 November 2011

Three New Trailers

It is only a month and a half until Alcatraz takes over our screens, and Fox is hard at work with promoting the upcoming hit series. Three new trailers were released, each one with a different title. Although most of the scenes are familiar, a few bits of new dialogue are added.



"Welcome to Alcatraz"

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Soldierscuzzy Soldierscuzzy 29 November 2011

New Promo and Premier News

As announced by Entertainment Weekly, and as seen in the new promo trailer, Alcatraz will be debuting some time in January. Although the new trailer doesn't reveal that much information, it does make the wait until the premier all the more unbearable. Are you excited for the show? Let us know in the comments!

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