Clarence Montgomery
Full Name
Clarence montgomery
Portrayed by
First Appearance
Date of Death
March 12 2012
Inmate #
Criminal Record
Incarceration Date
December 4, 1958

Clarence Montgomery. The only innocent lamb in our great pasture. Not any more.

Edwin James, "Clarence Montgomery"

Clarence Montgomery was a supposedly deceased, former Alcatraz inmate who resurfaces in modern-day San Francisco.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Prior to Alcatraz Reappearance[edit | edit source]

Clarence Montgomery was an accomplished chef before his incarceration. The warden puts him in charge of the kitchen for a Chef's dinner "for everyone", even though the last time Montgomery cooked for White people was connected to his incarceration at Alcatraz: whoever killed three white people did so with Montgomery's chef's knives.

Montgomery was one of Lucy Banerjee's patients, and in their first session drew a connection between their situations as two of the few non-White people on the island. Montgomery endured unnecessary electroshock therapy in the Alcatraz infirmary.Then in the laundry room Clarence was taunted by E.B. Tiller which got him mad then William Gant talked to him he became so enraged, he slit his throat. He was questioned by Lucy Sengupta and Clarence told her you can't stop me now no one can.

After the "disappearance", a story was spread that Montgomery was transferred to Lompoc,then died there.

Post-Alcatraz Reappearance[edit | edit source]

When Montgomery appears in 2012, he is put "on Hauser's radar" because he kills a white woman, Megan Palmer, outside a fundraiser. He has no knowledge of why he has done so, which causes him considerable distress.

After killing Megan, he hides out with Emmett Little, a fellow former inmate, and confesses both his recent crime and the procedures that were done to him in the infirmary. He later worked as a cook at a wedding and killed another girl. Later he was chased by Rebecca Madsen but got away. He was eventually killed by Emmett after begging him to end his life. His body was taken to Beauregard for an autopsy.

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