Colonial Liberty Bank
Col Lib bank
The bank, with Amanda in the foreground.
First "Cal Sweeney"
Last "Cal Sweeney"
Location San Francisco, CA, USA
Purpose Bank
Status Operational

Mr. Bailey? Peter Carr, Colonial Liberty Bank. I have some unfortunate news.

Cal Sweeney, "Cal Sweeney"

The Colonial Liberty Bank was a bank in San Francisco, CA, which was robbed by former Alcatraz inmate Cal Sweeney in 2012. After Sweeney resurfaced, he built relationships with the tellers, which provided him an easy way to the safe deposit boxes. During his second robbery at Colonial Liberty, Sweeney used Amanda, an unmarried teller in her 50s, to gain access to the boxes and rob them. One of the owners of the robbed deposit boxes was William Bailey, who owned a box containing his wifes's platinum sapphire ring.
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