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"Guy Hastings"

February 6, 2012
Running time
Production code
Directed by
Samuel Patrick Chu - Chet
Lini Evans - Annie Hastings
Colin Lawrence - JT
Christopher Logan - Observation Room Tech
Roman Podhora - Ranger
Macie Taylor - Young Annie
Ben Rogers - MIT Tech #1
Mitchell Wi - MIT Tech #2
Scott Rintoul - Trainee Guard #1
Nick Harrison - Trainee Guard #2
Matt Raitt - Trainee Guard #3

"Guy Hastings" is the fifth episode of season 1, and overall the sixth produced hour of Alcatraz. It originally aired on February 6, 2012.



1x05 wife
Hastings and his wife.

Guy Hastings' wife wakes up, and finds him fully dressed, on his way to leave their house. Claiming he is too excited to sleep, Guy refuses to call in sick to work, since it is "training day." He also hugs his eight-year-old daughter, Annie, before exiting the house. It is revealed that he lives on Block 64, Alcatraz Island. He addresses the new guards, stressing how no one can make it alone on Alcatraz. During the roll call of the new guards, the last one identifies himself as Ray Archer.

Hastings brings the new guards to the mess hall, also known as "the Gas Chamber," as 14 tear gas canisters are attached to the ceiling, and calls it the most dangerous room in the most dangerous prison. He insists that in order to stay safe, they must have eyes in the back of their heads. Ray Archer, however, seems not to be focused on what Hastings has to say.

1x05 assault
Tommy Madsen assaulting Ray Archer.

Suddenly, Tommy Madsen notices Ray among the new recruits. The two exchange glances, but Tommy, enraged to see Ray, assaults him with his food tray, telling him he should not have come to Alcatraz. Hastings breaks up the fight, and sends Tommy to "the Hole."

1x05 reunion
From the left: Dr. Beauregard, Edwin James, E.B. Tiller and Guy Hastings discuss Ray Archer.

At the infirmary, as Dr. Beauregard stitches up Ray's wound, he mentions that the deep cut Tommy left means that he had "a real itching" for Ray. Wardens Edwin James and E.B. Tiller arrive. Tiller suspects that Ray was planted on Alcatraz to break Tommy out, since this specific incident was extremely strange. After Hastings comments how Ray is willing to stay while other men would quit, James warns that future incidents involving Ray will be on Hasting's head.

1x05 cell
Archer talking to Madsen before fighting.

Hastings confronts Ray, and demands to know if he knows Tommy, to which Ray firmly declines. Hastings tells Ray that respect is the "currency" on Alcatraz, and one-hundred inmates witnessed Tommy attacking Ray. To prove that he does not know Ray, and to secure the other inmates' respect, Ray must make an example of Tommy. As the inmates line up to be installed in their cells, Ray is instructed by Hastings to opens and close all the cell doors, except for Tommy's. Ray approaches Tommy, and orders him to get into his cell. He bashes Tommy's head against the bars and starts beating him, until Hastings yet again breaks up the fight.

1x05 infirmary
Archer visits his brother in the infirmary.

At the infirmary, Ray visits the beaten Tommy. He tells Tommy that while he is not wanted at Alcatraz, and although Tommy believes he deserves to be imprisoned, Ray does not. He promises Tommy he will not leave him alone in Alcatraz, since they are both in it together. As Ray turns to leave the infirmary, Tommy grabs his hand. From the shadows, Hastings is watching.


1x05 ranger
Hastings beats up a ranger.

At Block 64, on Alcatraz Island, Guy Hastings reappears in his old home, which has now been demolished. Having apparent memory of the area, Hastings manages to retrieve a gun and a picture of his family from a secret hidey-hole on the bottom of some paneling. After being caught by a ranger, Hastings leaves on the 9:00 am ferry, after beating the ranger unconscious.

1x05 annie
Soto and Madsen interviewing Annie Hastings.

After investigating the area, the Alcatraz Task Force agree to speak to Annie Hastings, Guy's only surviving relative. Diego Soto and Rebecca Madsen interview Annie, claiming that Soto was writing a new book. According to Annie, Hastings was killed in an accident, and Guy's possessions were sent to them. Madsen and Soto borrow Guy's possessions for investigation.

1x05 gunpoint
Guy holds Ray at gunpoint.

Hastings begins following Ray Archer, and corners him behing his bar, Ray's, as he went to put out the rubbish. As Ray recognises Guy, Guy knocks him unconscious and takes him to his apartment.

1x05 cemetary
Guy and Ray at Van Madsen's grave.

At Ray's apartment, Guy demands the whereabouts of Tommy Madsen, though Ray denies any relationship with the former inmates. This is proven to be wrong when Guy finds a picture of Ray and Tommy. Ray then tells Guy that Tommy had died in 1964, a year after Alcatraz closed. On Guy's orders, Ray was forced to take him to Van Madsen.

1x05 clear
Rebecca Madsen and Emerson Hauser at Ray's apartment.

Rebecca Madsen, realising that Ray is missing, goes to his apartment with Hauser, only to find it deserted and ransacked. However, Rebecca finds Ray's watch, which was a present given to him by Rebecca when she was 13. Convinced that he was trying to tell her something, Hauser finds the picture of Tommy and Ray, but Rebecca is unable to recognise the location of where it was taken. Meanwhile, Hauser becomes concerned about seismic activity increasing as inmates and guards return, but this is proven to be wrong.

1x05 basin
Guy Hastings waiting for the appearance of Tommy Madsen.

Soto and Madsen arrive at Doc's Comics and Collectibles, where Chet manages to produce a larger scale image of Tommy and Ray. Soto and Madsen realise the picture was taken at China Basin, the Madsen's old home. Ray and Guy have since arrived there, in the hopes of finding Tommy Madsen.

1x05 guns
Guy Hastings ambushing Rebecca Madsen.

Soto and Rebecca Madsen arrive at the house, but Rebecca is ambushed by Guy. Rebecca nearly convinces Guy to put down his gun by telling him about his daughter, whom he believes to be dead. Hauser soon arrives at the scene and shoots Guy in the leg.

1x05 madsen
Tommy Madsen in Ray's bar.

Hauser believes that Guy, being a former guard, deserved to see proof that his daughter still lived. Although Guy was not allowed to converse with her, Hauser drove him to her so Guy could get a glimpse of his daughter and grandchildren. Meanwhile, Rebecca Madsen realises that Hauser only asked her to join the task force because she was related to Tommy Madsen. Tommy Madsen himself arrives at Ray's bar, but is forced to leave after Ray threatens to kill him.


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Production NotesEdit

  • This episode was the sixth to be produced, though the fifth to air.


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