Heritage Bay National Bank
Heritage bay national bank
The bank's interior
First "Cal Sweeney"
Last "Cal Sweeney"
Location San Francisco, CA
Purpose Bank
Status Operational

The Heritage Bay National Bank was a bank operating in San Francisco, CA. In 2012, it was robbed by Cal Sweeney, who used employee Melissa Murphy as a way of getting to the safety deposit boxes. Rebecca Madsen and Diego Soto realised that the bank could be a possible target by Sweeney after obtaining his order history from Mae at Mae's Flowers. According to the order history, Sweeney sent some flowers to Murphy, to convince her he was in love.

Sweeney was unable to drug Melissa on time and she was able to press the alarm before he got her. After quickly robbing the deposit boxes, Sweeney was denied exit by the bank guard due to the alarm, after which the SFPD and SWAT teams arrived along with Emerson Hauser. The entire bank, which contained 30-40 hostages, was surrounded. Madsen then formulated a plan to break Sweeney out of the bank by getting inside through the air conditioning. Soon after, the SWAT teams took over the bank and rescued the hostages, but were unable to find Sweeney.

Heritage bay national bank esterior

The exterior of the bank, presumably built in 1906.

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