Keller's Hardware
Keller's Hardware
Diego Soto and Rebecca Madsen at Keller's Hardware
First "Kit Nelson"
Last "Kit Nelson"
Location Walnut Creek, San Francisco, CA.
Purpose Hardware store
Status Operational

Keller's Hardware was a hardware store in Walnut Creek, San Francisco, and was part of an investigation lead by the Alcatraz Task Force, regarding a former Alcatraz inmate, Kit Nelson. Nelson broke into the store and stole two childrens fishing rods and a set of uniform, fooling the store owner, Keller, to believe that the thieves were chidren.

Nelson broke into the store a few weeks before kidnapping his first vitctim, Dylan Callahan. He disguised himself as Warren, a store employee, and went to the Callahan household, where he told Dylan's mother, Kathy, he was looking for work. Secretly, he stole the keys to the house and came back at night to kidnap Dylan.

After speaking to Kathy, Rebecca Madsen and Diego Soto went to Keller's Hardware to talk to Keller, who pointed out that the real Warren's uniform was stolen during the robbery. Madsen and Soto then went to Lafayette Recreation Area, the only place where Nelson could have put the children's fishing rods into use.

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