New Alcatraz
Second Alcatraz Prison
First "Pilot"
Last "Tommy Madsen"
Location Forest within driving distance of San Francisco, CA, USA
Purpose Incarcerating the 63's
Status Active

I could have killed you today, and now you're here, you're going to wish I had.

Emerson Hauser, "Ernest Cobb"

The New Alcatraz is a recreation of Alcatraz, which closed in 1963 following the Disappearance of all 302 inmates and guards. In the official recaps of the episode which featured the prison, it was referred to as "Hauser's secret prison," or "the secret prison facility."


New Alcatraz is a facility presumably built under the supervision of Emerson Hauser, though whether he acted under government orders or not is currently unknown. Other members of the Alcatraz Task Force facilitate the prison, including former Alcatraz staff such as Lucy Banerjee and Dr. Beauregard. ("Pilot")  ("Ernest Cobb")  ("Kit Nelson")


1x01 IntoTheWoods
Hauser leads Sylvane to the outpost.

New Alcatraz is located in an unidentified forest near San Francisco, CA. The location itself appears to be underground, with the entrance located in an outpost. Access is granted through a pad, and by keying 6323, the doors open to reveal an elevator, which takes the visitors to the main cell block. ("Pilot")

In the official recap of "Pilot", the location was referred to as "a secret outpost hidden among the redwoods."

Facilities Edit

Cell blockEdit

The layout of New Alcatraz's cell block is an identical recreation of the main cell block of the original prison. It was given a modern look, replacing the crippled conditions of the first prison with lighter shades of red and white. The block is constantly guarded by armed, uniformed guards.

Interrogation roomsEdit

1x02 InterrogatingSylvane
Lucy interrogates Sylvane regarding Cobb's shootings.

An interrogation room, equipped with advanced lie detectors and camera, was used by Lucy Banerjee during her interrogation of Jack Sylvane. Sylvane's hands were placed on two glowing surfaces, which transmitted his brain waves to a screen in a room inspected by technicians. ("Ernest Cobb")


The morgue is supervised by Dr. Beauregard, who served as a doctor in the 1960's. The body of Kit Nelson was brought to Beauregard by Hauser, a short time after he was shot. Hauser also notes that he may need Beauregard's help with a favor for a friend. ("Kit Nelson")

The morgue also contains an old turntable, and it appears as if smoking is allowed. ("Kit Nelson")

Notable inmatesEdit

Currently, the prison holds the following inmates:

Name Incarceration date Inmate # Episode Inmate number
1x02 SylvaneNewAlcatraz Jack Sylvane 2012 AZ 2024 "Pilot" 1
Jack Sylvane was caught by Rebecca Madsen after committing multiple murders. He was imprisoned for his crimes committed in 2012 and also continued to serve his sentence from 1952.
1x02 CobbNewAlcatraz Ernest Cobb 2012 AZ 2047 "Ernest Cobb" 2
Ernest Cobb emerged in modern day San Francisco and is serving a sentence for either murdering, or attempting to murder a total of 25 victims.
1x11 nalacatrazpetty Paxton Petty 2012 AZ 2223 "Paxton Petty" 5
Paxton Petty continued his sentence from 1960, and also was sentenced for the bombings in Pine Street Park and Sunset Beach.
1x11 nalacatrazporter Webb Porter 2012 AZ 2012 "Webb Porter" 9
Webb Porter was caught by Emerson Hauser and Rebecca Madsen. Before his incarceration, Porter donated blood for Lucille Sengupta. He occupied his time by playing his violin, much to the comfort of the other inmates.


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