Pine Street Park
1x06 Pinest
Pine St. Park
First "Paxton Petty"
Last "Paxton Petty"
Location San Francisco, CA, USA
Purpose Park
Status Damaged, but operational

Pine Street Park was a park situated in San Francisco, CA, on Pine Street. On 13 February, 2012, four landmines detonated, killing at least 6 victims and harming more. The culprit was Paxton Petty, a resurfacing inmate from Alcatraz. SFPD bomb squard leader Matt Tanner showed Diego Soto and Rebecca Madsen the shrapnel collected from the park after the bombings, which contained some parts of the Silver Star military award.

The park was later uncovered to be the first location referenced in the second verse of a Korean Lullaby sung as a secret disguise, with one or few words on each line corresponding to a particular target location, or a mine field.

  • this is a fictional park. There is no actual park located on Pine Street.
  • This park is in fact filmed on location at Victory Square in Vancouver, Canada.
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