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Introduction to Podcatraz

Welcome to Podcatraz! As you may have guessed by now, this podcast is dedicated toAlcatraz, the new JJ Abrams created television show on FOX.

In this episode, Brad and John introduce themselves, talk about their hopes for the show and also take a look at the cast.

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Pilot and Ernest Cobb

Pilot (1x01) and Ernest Cobb (1x02)

Join Brad and John for our first official episode as we take a look at the first two episodes ofAlcatraz.

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Kit Nelson

Brad and John are back to talk all about episode 1x03 of Alcatraz, entitled Kit Nelson. There's also lots of discussion about cherry pie, crackpot theories, Sarah Jones' dimples and girl scout cookies!

You don't want to miss this one!

Cal Sweeney

Brad and John fight off headaches and the flu to bring you riveting discussion about Cal Sweeney while including Office Space references and brand new sound effects for our Conspiracy Theory of the Week!!

Was it all worth it? Listen in and find out!

1x05 graveyard
Guy Hastings

Join Brad and John once again as we look at the latest episode of Alcatraz. The first guard has returned to 2012 and it raises even more questions and theories! Huey Lewis is also in the episode. Really.

Paxton Petty In this super-extended episode, Brad and John are very happy to welcome the awesome Beth Shady from Diego's Soul Patch to discuss her thoughts on Paxton Petty, life with Jorge Garcia, ferret poop, TV ratings and much, much more!
Johnny McKee
Johnny McKee Brad and John are back to discuss the latest episode of Alcatraz, entitles Johnny McKee. They also find a way to mix House O' Pain, Austin Powers and Hauser's large unit into the discussion. You really should listen to put it all in context.
Ames Brothers / Sonny Burnett Sorry for the delay! Brad and John are back to talk about the big double episode of Alcatraz that aired this week. Listen in as they talk about The Ames Brothers, Sonny Bernett, throwing rocks, and digestion.
Clarence Montgomery

Back in a timely fashion, Brad and John talk about Clarence Montgomery!

Rocks For FOX address:

FOX Broadcasting Co. 10201 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035

Webb Porter w/Diego's Soul Patch In this Alcatraz podcast crossover, Brad and John are super excited to talk all about Webb Porter with Beth Shady and Dr. Diego Soto himself, Jorge Garcia! Many topics are covered and some secrets are almost revealed!!
Garrett Stillman & Tommy Madsen In this last show for season one, John and Brad discuss the big double episode finale and the possible futures for both Alcatraz and Podcatraz!
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