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Locations relevant to indevidual episodesEdit

1x01 - "Pilot"Edit

There are no specific locations to this episode.

1x02 - "Ernest Cobb"Edit

There are no specific locations to this episode.

1x03 - "Kit Nelson"Edit

Image Name Purpose Area
Keller's Hardware Keller's Hardware Hardware shop Walnut Creek, San Francisco, CA
Was robbed by Kit Nelson, who stole an emplyee's uniform as disguise. Owned by Keller.
Lafayete Lafayette Recreation Area Recreation Malaga, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, CA
Used by Nelson to torture Dylan Callahan, after renting a boat out from the Rowboat vendor.

1x04 - "Cal Sweeney"Edit

Image Name Purpose Location
Col Lib bank Colonial Liberty Bank Bank San Francisco, CA
Deposit boxes were robbed by Cal Sweeney, who used Amanda , a teller, as easy access. The owner of the most valuable stolen deposit box, William Bailey, was killed by Sweeney.
Maeflower Mae's Flowers Flower shop San Francisco, CA
Flower store owned by Mae, who unknowingly sent flowers to Sweeney's bank teller victims.
Heritage bay national bank Heritage Bay National Bank Bank San Francisco, CA
Sweeney's third robbery. Sweeney used Melissa Murphy, a teller, to gain access to the safety boxes, but failed to drug her before she set of the alarm. The bank was subsequently held under siege by the SFPD and SWAT.

1x05 - "Guy Hastings"Edit

There are no specific locations to this episode.

1x06 - "Paxton Petty"Edit

Image Name Purpose Location
1x06 Pinest Pine Street Park Park San Francisco, CA
Was bombed by Paxton Petty, a former Korean war combat engineer and Alcatraz inmate. At least six deaths, and many more injuries.
1x06 Sunset Sunset Beach Beach San Francisco, CA
Petty's second target. He was almost apprehended by Emerson Hauser, but after Hauser stepped on a bomb and was forced to stand there in order not to detonate it, Petty managed to escape. Hauser was later saved, at the cost of Matt Tanner's life.
1x06 windward Windward Elementary Park/school San Francisco, CA
Petty's final target. He failed to dig the landmines on time, and was arrested by Rebecca Madsen and Diego Soto.
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