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Ray's Bar is a bar owned by former Alcatraz guard and retired San Fransisco PD Detective Ray Archer.

In the pilot Rebecca and Doc go to a bar owned by Ray Archer, her surrogate uncle, who is not surprised to discover that Tiller was murdered. Ray, a former Alcatraz guard, was a friend of Rebecca's grandfather Tommy Madsen, who Rebecca believes was also a guard at Alcatraz; Ray and Doc exchange a glance. Once Ray is gone, Doc presents Rebecca with Jack Sylvane's fabricated transfer documents and death certificate, signed by former U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Ray tells Rebecca that since Tiller joined the FBI, his murder is a Federal matter, and that she should back off. Doc tells Rebecca that he almost never does what his parents tell him to do, and they both agree to travel to Alcatraz Island the next morning. Doc reveals that during his research of Alcatraz, he came across a room containing lost inmate files. ("Pilot")

Ray got kidnapped in the back of the bar when he took out the trash by Guy Hastings when he was looking for Tommy Madsen.
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Tommy at Ray's Bar

later that nigh Tommy approached Ray at his bar after hours. Ray stated that he told him to never come back, but Tommy stated that since his hiding place has been revealed, he had to find a new one. Tommy reminisced how Ray used to protect him in the past, to which Ray responded that now he has to protect Rebecca. When Tommy jokingly commented on being a grandfather at his age, Ray coldly responded he was "nobody's grandfather," and ordered Tommy to get out of his bar. Tommy announced that "it isn't over," but Ray warned him that if he sees him again, he will kill him. ("Guy Hastings")
  • Ray & Rebecca @ Ray's Bar
  • Tommy Madsen at Ray's Bar

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