Alc-warden james gold

Warden James admires the gold bullion.

Alc-warden james ames

Warden James, EB Tiller, and guard stop the Ames Brothers in 1960.

The secret storage room is located underground beneath Alcatraz Prison . It can be opened using a key that was in the possession of Warden Edwin James in the 1960's. The room contains, among other things, millions of dollars in gold bullion and a Civil War cannon.

In 2012, inmates Herman and Edward Ames , along with former prison guard Donovan , attempt to gain access to the room by detonating explosives on the door. The Ames brothers are killed by Rebecca Madsen before they can reach the room. Officer Donovan does make it to the room and manage to detonate the explosives. However, after inspecting the room it is discovered that the gold bullion and the cannon have since be removed.

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