Sonya Sylvane
Portrayed by
First Appearance
Date of Birth
Date of Death
San Francisco, CA, USA
Alan Sylvane, Sr. - Husband
Alan Sylvane, Jr. - Son
Jack Sylvane - Ex-husband, brother-in-law
Sonya Sylvane was Jack Sylvane's ex-wife, his brother Alan Sylvane, Sr.'s wife, and Alan Sylvane, Jr.'s mother.


"It's okay, Sonya, what you did. In my heart, there's only love for you." - Jack Sylvane.

Sonya grave

Grave of Sonya Sylvane.

Despite her husband's incarceration, Sonya still showed signs of love until 1960, when she begged for a divorce during visiting time, in order to marry Jack's brother, Alan Sylvane, and to also combat her extreme poverty and lonliness. Alan & Sonya Sylvane married, despite Jack's disappointment, and had a son, Alan Sylvane, Jr.

Sonya died from cancer in 2008, 3 years before Jack Sylvane comfronted his brother. On Jack's orders, his brother Alan took him to her final resting place, a graveyard in San Francisco, where he forgave her and declared his continued love for her. Jack was then caught by Rebecca Madsen.

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