Sunset Beach
1x06 Sunset
Sunset Beach
First "Paxton Petty"
Last "Paxton Petty"
Location San Francisco, CA, USA
Purpose Recreation
Status Operational

Sunset Beach was a beach in San Francisco, CA. It was Paxton Petty's second 2012 bombing target, after Pine Street Park. The location was confirmed by Emerson Hauser to be one of Petty's targets after he mentioned the word "sunset" in his Korean lullaby, which was disguised to have the locations of every mine every line. Hauser almost cornered Petty in the act of burying landmines in the sand, but accidently stepped on one himself, resulting in the bomb squard attempting to dismantle it while he was still standing on it. The mine resulted in the death of Matt Tanner, the head of the SFPD bomb squad.

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