Dose any one think that jack sould be with doc and them it can't just be me

How do you mean? Is your question "Should Jack be part of the team to catch the (other) 63's?" If so, I disagree. I don't think that could never happen, but:

  • After he came back, Jack became a murderer. Until we address the morality of those killings or whether an "assumed dead" man can be charged with them, Jack shouldn't be part of the team.
  • The team is actually Hauser's; not Doc's, not Rebecca's. Jack and Hauser hate each other.
  • Until we can prove whether Hauser is reliable or unreliable, Hauser stays on the team. Jack doesn't. 02:17, February 22, 2012 (UTC)

Does anybody remember the line from Shutter Island about the experimenting done on the criminally insane? Obviously, there was some experimenting done on Alcatraz inmates. I remember the woman in Shutter Island saying something about transorbital lobotomy and electroshocks (Dr. Lucille Sengupta looks like she might be knowledgeable about that) and she also said: It makes the patients much more obedient, tractable. Then she goes on about how the brain controls everything and how therefore it would be a great accomplishment to control the brain. And she finishes off with this: Recreate a man so he doesn't feel pain or love or sympathy. A man who can't be interrogated because he has no memories to confess. That just reminded me a lot of Jack Sylvane's answer to everything he is asked being I don't know. And of the Cal Sweeney episode where that other inmate comments how they'll be taking their memories soon, too. Just an analogy I found interesting.

TheAnsweer101: Does anybody else feel seriously sorry for Jack? I mean, the poor guy was sent to a federal prison because he was trying to help his family; goes to Alcatraz thanks to another inmate; is tortured by Tiller; is forced to divorce, AND, on top of all that, his wife remarries with his brother?

I feel sorry for him. I really do.