The 63's
1x01 RoomFullOfFaces
First "Pilot"
Last N/A
Leader None
Connection Former Alcatraz inmates and guards
Status Unknown

For a list of the inmates, see List of Alcatraz Inmates.
For a list of the guards, see List of Alcatraz Guards.
For the room with the photographs, see Census room.

The 63's are the 302 Alcatraz inmates and guards, who mysteriously vanished on March 20, 1963.


In 1963, Alcatraz prison housed 256 inmates and 46 guards. On March 20, 1963, two San Francisco Police Department officers, Emerson Hauser and Paul, were sent to supervise the transfer of prisoners. When they arrived at the dock they discovered the facilities to be completely empty, including the main cell block, along with the prisoners. The two called for back-up, and a cover story was instated. ("Pilot")

The prison itself closed the next day, citing high operating costs and the condition of the facilities. The prisoners were transferred off the island to various prisons across the country. Some of them supposedly died while in prison, and fabricated death certificates were signed. ("Pilot")

Starting in late 2011 to early 2012, the inmates and guards reappeared in San Francisco. The first noted case of a returning inmate was of Tommy Madsen, who was chased by detectives Rebecca Madsen and Will Peters for an unknown reason. Three months later, Jack Sylvane reappeared in an Alcatraz cell, which led to the formation of the Alcatraz Task Force, led by former police officer Hauser. Their tasks revolved around tracking down the inmates and guards, preventing them from causing any damage or revealing their background, and incarcerating them.

Returning 63'sEdit

Image Name Inmate #Reappearance Status
Thomas Madsen
Thomas Madsen 2002 "Pilot" Detected
First detected by Rebecca Madsen and Will Peters. Escaped after Peters' death. His reappearance is known by the Task Force and Ray Archer.
1x01 SylvaneReturns
Jack Sylvane 2024 "Pilot" Captured
First detected by Rebecca Madsen and Emerson Hauser. After his reappearance, he murdered E.B. Tiller and Barclay Flynn, before being captured by the Alcatraz Task Force and sent to New Alcatraz.
1x02 CobbsFirstCrime
Ernest Cobb 2047 "Ernest Cobb" Captured
First detected by the Alcatraz Task Force. Killed 6 people and placed Lucy Banerjee in a coma. Was captured by Rebecca Madsen and Emerson Hauser before he could commence his 'third' shooting.
Kit Nelson 2046 "Kit Nelson" Deceased
First detected by Diego Soto. After his reappearance, he kidnaped Dylan Callahan, before he was shot during a stand-off by Emerson Hauser. His body was taken to the New Alcatraz morgue.
Cal Sweeney 2112 "Cal Sweeney" Captured
Guy Hastings N/A "Guy Hastings" Captured
Paxton Petty 2223 "Paxton Petty" Captured
Johnny McKee 2055 "Johnny McKee" Captured
Pinky Ames 2177 "The Ames Bros." Deceased
Herman Ames 2178 "The Ames Bros." Deceased
Donovan N/A "The Ames Bros." Captured
Sonny Burnett 2088 "Sonny Burnett" Captured
Clarence Montgomery 2214 "Clarence Montgomery" Deceased
Webb Porter 2012 "Webb Porter" Captured
|rowspan="2"| || Garrett Stillman || 2109 || "Webb Porter" || Deceased ||align="center"|

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