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"Tommy Madsen"
Tommy Madsen episode

March 26, 2012
Running time
Production code
Directed by
Brandi Alexander - Hospital Resident
Bart Anderson - Warren
Emy Aneke - ER Doctor
Joel Garner - Psych Ward Orderly
Dakota Gubby - Emily Bradley
David Ingram - Michael Bradley
Jonathan Kralt - Driver
Gardinar Millar - The General

"Tommy Madsen" is the thirteenth and final episode of season 1, and overall the thirteenth produced hour of Alcatraz. It originally aired on March 26, 2012.


Rebecca finds the man who killed her partner. She is later shot and pronounced dead at the hospital.


  • Warden James tells Tommy Madsen , upon waking up in the San Francisco hotel room, "You should be a nickel with the amount of silver that is now coursing through your veins". However, US nickels have always been comprised of 75% copper and 25% nickel with the exception of those minted during World War II (35% silver) in an effort to save copper.
  • Tommy Madsen and Warden James went to a restaurant to eat wine and canolli. Tommy met his wife at that Restaurant .
  • The car chase is obviously a homage to Bullitt: (Ford Mustang, San Francisco and especially the repeated presence of a green Volkswagen Beetle)

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