Van Madsen
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Full Name
Van Madsen
Portrayed by
Jayden Les (Young Van)
First Appearance
Date of Birth
Date of Death
February 1, 1995
William Madsen - Grandfather
Laura Madsen - Grandmother
Thomas Madsen - Father
Agatha Madsen - Mother
Ray Archer - Uncle
Sally Madsen - Wife
Rebecca Madsen - Daughter

Van Madsen was Rebecca Madsen's father.



Van Madsen was born in 1954, to Tommy and Agatha Madsen in San Francisco, CA. Van was left without a parent when his father murdered his mother in 1957 and was sent to Alcatraz Prison. Van was raised by Ray Archer, his uncle and a former Alcatraz guard. ("Ernest Cobb")  ("Guy Hastings")


Years later, Van married Sally Madsen and fathered Rebecca. On February 1, 1995, both Van and his wife died due to an unknown cause. Rebecca was given to Ray. He told her that he and her grandfather both served as guards, hiding the fact that Tommy was his brother and was truly an inmate. ("Pilot")  ("Ernest Cobb")  ("Guy Hastings")


  • Van's tombstone states that he was born on May 15, 1960. This contradicts the paragraph in Diego Soto's book, which mentions that Van was born in 1954, and that Tommy was sent to prison in 1957. ("Ernest Cobb")  ("Guy Hastings")
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