FileAlcatraz G26 01

Madsen holds her Glock 26 in the pilot episode


Glock 26Edit

Used by Rebecca Madsen.

Glock 17Edit

Used by Emerson Hauser and Cal Sweeney. ("Cal Sweeney")

Heckler & Koch USPEdit

Used by Jack Sylvane. ("Pilot")

Winchester Model 70Edit

Used by Ernest Cobb. ("Ernest Cobb")

Colt M1911Edit

Used by Guy Hastings and Paxton Petty. ("Guy Hastings")  ("Paxton Petty")

Smith & Wesson Model 19Edit

Used by the Alcatraz Guards.

Colt M4A1Edit

Used by SFPD SWAT, and the guards at New Alcatraz.

Remington 870Edit

Used by Edwin James. ("The Ames Bros.")

Winchester M1897Edit

Used by a young Ray Archer. ("The Ames Bros.")

M1 CarbineEdit

Seen in the Alcatraz Armory. ("Guy Hastings")

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