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"Webb Porter"

March 12, 2012
Running time
Production code
Directed by
Graham Ellsworth - Rock Islander #2
Nicole LaPlaca - Karen Feiner
David Hovan - Philharmonic Chairman
Casey Manderson - Arthur
Blu Mankuma - Elmore (Pianist)
Devon Steve Martin - Rock Islander #1
Jennifer Spence - Susan Lee
Patrice Mayen Salazar - Woman (Healer)
Linda Tomassone - Red Head
Dominik Zybko - Porter's Mother
Benjamin Wilkinson - Bud Thornhill

"Webb Porter" is the eleventh episode of season 1, and overall the eleventh produced hour of Alcatraz. It originally aired on March 12, 2012.



1x11 pier4
Sengupta and Hauser on the mainland.

Emerson Hauser and Lucille Sengupta are seen walking along Pier 4 of the San Francisco docks, exchanging philosophical phrases and having romantic banter. As Sengupta's boat arrives to take her back to Alcatraz, Hauser asks her out that very night, to which Sengupta agrees.

1x11 recreation
Warden James asks Sengupta for help regarding Webb Porter.

Back at Alcatraz, Warden Edwin James asks Sengupta for help with a specific prisoner. Webb Porter had been placed in the infirmary for over a year for not being able to live in general population. James tells Sengupta that Porter's cell in the infirmary was the only room in the prison which stopped him screaming in the middle of the night.

1x11 infirmary
Porter listens to Beauregard's refrigerator on the other side of the wall while Sengupta deduces his problem.

Sengupta deduces that the reason why Porter was calm in his infirmary cell was because the humming of Dr. Beaureguard's refrigerator on the other side of the walls overcame the ringing in Porter's ears caused by Tinnitus. She also adds that the ringing was no doubt due to the near-drowning incident Porter had experienced by his mother. Wanting to try out a new cure she has been studying, Sengupta asks Porter whether he likes music.

1x11 fridge
Sengupta attempts to calm down Porter after the fridge is turned off.

Unable to gain any answers from Porter, Sengupta orders a guard to turn off the refrigerator, which brings back the ringing in Porter's ears and agonises him. It is not until Sengupta turns some music on that he calms down, and tells Sengupta about the day his mother tried to drown her. After hearing enough, Sengupta tells Porter that she can help him.

1x11 music
Sengupta and Porter choose an instrument.

As E.B. Tiller listens to a band of prisoners, Sengupta arrives with Porter. Despite Tiller's initial dismissive claims regarding Porters talent, Sengupta tells him that she would simply like to borrow an instrument. Tiller obliges, and allows Porter to borrow a violin, commenting that it "screams like you used to." As Porter begins to play the violin at an extremely professional level, Tiller and Sengupta both complement him.


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