Windward Elementary
1x06 windward
Windward Elementary school park
First "Paxton Petty"
Last "Paxton Petty"
Location San Francisco, CA
Purpose Park and school
Status Operational

Windward Elementary was a school and park near Diego Soto's comic shop, which was the third target of landmine bomber Paxton Petty. The park was checked by the SFPD bomb squad and Matt Tanner, along with Diego Soto and Rebecca Madsen, only to find Petty planting the bombs later on the night of 13 February 2012. He was apprehended by Madsen before any bombs could be planted.

The location was unearthed to be Petty's final target, as the word "windward" was mentioned in the final line of the second verse of a Korean lullaby, which was used to signal the locations of mines during the Korean War.

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